At some point or another we have all asked ourselves the question “If I could do anything I wanted, what would my job be?”

My wife Kathleen Megna and I asked ourselves this question often.  Kathleen jokes that, in her adult life, when being a professional bubble gum tester eventually lost its appeal, her answer has always been “traveling the world and taking pictures.” As for Chris “opening a custom framing shop” has been at the top of his list for as long as they have known each other. Now, this dream has become a reality.

The couple recently took the reins of Bolton’s Skylark Framing and Fine Art. Kathleen was loving working as a personal stylist and manager at a designer consignment boutique in Schomberg where the couple and their two-year-old son Pete live.  Chris has spent the past 14 years as a custom framer with one of Canada’s most respected wholesalers, representing prominent Canadian artists’ works. His attention to detail and creative eye allowed him to ensure that every great piece of art was showcased with the perfect frame.

Kathleen knew that Chris could bring her photography to life with just the right mat and frame.  She exhibited at shows like the Schomberg Street Gallery and Covernotes Tea and Coffee House and received many complimented on the framing as well as the art. Each sale made them think more and more about how much they would love to make this a full-time business.
Several months ago that opportunity presented itself and was too good not to put into action.


A spur of the moment online search found their dream.
The advertisement indicated not only a framing store but a fine art gallery for sale in their area. Here was the opportunity for Chris to utilize his skills and passion for art as well as for Kathleen to bring her love of working with customers and her knowledge of photography to make the dream a reality.  


After extensive research and motivated by a YouTube video of an inspiring and positive commencement speech by actor Jim Carrey, they determined that this chance had presented itself for a reason.
“Call it fate, luck or  coincidence, opportunity  knocked and we answered the door,” Kathleen said.
They are delighted to announce that they are now the proud new owners of Skylark Framing and Fine Art and they are excited to be bringing their dream to the community.